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Designed in mind for people whom are looking for something a little out of the ordianry.

I am a mother of 3 wonderful children, my trade is sign-writing and graphics, and have been an artist from a very young age. Drawing from the moment I could hold that pencil. I got into bullet creation recently through my love of guns. I often target shoot at my local club, and I saw a lot of casings laying around. Of course my natural artistic brain started coming up with ideas, so I researched a little, and created my home based business known as Ammo Art.

So how did the name come about? What can I say. I’ve always called the casings, and bullets, well, bullets. My dear mother, kindly informed me, the correct terminology is ammunition. So naturally, ammunition became Ammo Art.

The Ammunition used is either new brass or used brass. It is cleaned, polished, and turned into a jewellery piece, or accessory.

Findings are stainless surgical steel and sterling silver.

Brass bullets do have a tendency to tarnish. So a quality silver cloth is recommended to lightly polish your accessories every few uses, or before everyday use, if you like them to shine.

All gems used are swarovski crystals or glass beads.

I hand make all my jewellery, so there is and will be natural inconsistencies with each unique item made.

Each piece is carefully made and packaged to your supplied address. I thank you for taking time to look over my work, and I am excited to see new designs come through over time, I will also take special orders.

If you have particular bullet casings you’d like me to use, as they may hold sentimental value, then please post them to me, and I will be happy to turn them into a nice design by request.

May you all be blessed and have a wonderful day!

"Ammo Art do create truely breathtaking pieces. As a designer, its been a pleasure working with the Ammo Art Team "

– CHAS VAN BALEN / Web Designer –

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